"We want to thank you again for the comfortable, professional way you handled the sale of our townhouse. Each of us being retired Realtors, we can truly appreciate your up-to-date knowledge of the business. Keep up the good work!

Camille and Marvin Lynch

Seller's Page

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The links above will take you to pages on both this site and others that will be of use to home sellers in Austin, Texas.

The "Response Form" page provides you with a convenient way to tell me all about your home. This is valuable information in making preparations for our first meeting.

"The Process" page describes the series of events that will take place between the time we have our first consultation until final closing. "The Process" is a guide to help you track the progression of your transaction from contract to close. The "Agency" page explains the nature of the relationship between home buyers, home sellers, and the real estate professionals. You really do need to understand these concepts, so spend some time on this one.

"Finding Buyers" is an interesting graph that shows the common ways buyers are attracted to your home. This information comes from a survey performed by the NAR(National Association of REALTORS®).

Clicking the "Boundaries" button will take you to the Austin Board of REALTORS® site and three maps that break Austin down into neighborhood areas.

Check this information out carefully, then call me at (512)345-1030.

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